Web Form Integration

Evorio’s Web Form Integration seamlessly brings together your website enquiry forms and Microsoft CRM. All leads are tracked, no leads are lost and you respond to each enquiry in exactly the right way, so you win more new customers.

Transparent Lead Tracking

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of which online enquiries have been followed up and which ones ultimately became new customers. Evorio’s Web Form Integration can show you exactly when and where each online enquiry came from, which member of staff it was allocated to, what stage of the sales cycle is it at and which enquiries became new customers. You can then accurately assess the effectiveness of your website and measure the success of your follow-up processes. You can further increase the granularity of your Lead tracking by implementing “Lead Forensics”, a fantastic App that integrates with Dynamics 365.

Transparent Lead Tracking

Win More Business

More and more prospective customers are enquiring via online forms rather than using the telephone. With Evorio’s Web Form Integration, online enquires will be added to Microsoft CRM within seconds and the lead will be allocated to an appropriate staff member, ready for follow-up. You can define which staff members are allocated the leads; such as a general sales person or to a more specific individual based on the subject of the enquiry. While your competition try to ‘respond within 24 hours’, you could be speaking to the prospective customer in less than a minute.

Centralise Customer Information

Using Microsoft CRM, Evorio’s Web Form Integration automatically collates every online enquiry you receive. In effect, your prospective customers will be typing their details directly into your CRM system. This means you can build a valuable and accurate customer database for future sales and marketing campaigns.

Evorio’s Web Form Integration is an invaluable solution if you are experiencing any of the following

  • New online enquiries aren’t automatically assigned an owner for follow-up.
  • There is no centralised system for collating new online enquiries.
  • Management don’t have a central view of the outcome of all online enquiries.
  • Some new online enquiries aren’t followed up quickly enough or risk being lost.
  • A lot of administrative time is used keying in and updating each online enquiry.
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