Easily manage the complexities of customer project management and project sales under one professional software solution.

Dynamics 365 enables project-based businesses – from consultancies to creative agencies – to track customer projects more effectively, schedule time and resources more efficiently and manage solution selling in one unified view.

Solution selling

Selling project-based solutions requires intelligent management of prospects so the right sales and pre-sales teams pitch the right messages. The entire sales process from initial lead management through to customer meetings and demonstrations and ultimately to quotes and proposals are all combined in one unified view. Each prospect is tracked and receives the right focus to help convert them more quickly and more profitably.

Time and expenses

Managing time and expenses can be a drain on key members of staff. Dynamics 365 coordinates and simplifies the submitting of time and expenses and their allocation to projects. Submissions can then be easily approved or amended from any location or device. Automation rules can also be applied so repetitive or unnecessary manual intervention is removed wherever needed.

Time and expenses

Resource scheduling

Manage, schedule and deploy your people so the right skills and support are assigned to each project. Dynamics 365 gives you one view of all staff and resources to make more intelligent and efficient decisions about resourcing projects. Shared visibility of projects, tasks and pipeline help collaboration across teams and ultimately improve job satiation.

Mobile productivity

Dynamics 365 gives your team access to powerful and easy-to-use mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. Whilst on the road or on customer sites, team members can view projects, manage their schedules and enter time and expenses, anytime, anywhere.

Cross-project analytics

Projects no longer need to take place in silos. Cross-project trends, issues, availability, financials and shared learning can all be analysed and the findings reported using customisable dashboards. Evorio’s exposure screens help clearly display project intelligence to team members while project managers and board members can make strategic decisions across projects to increase the business’ efficiency.


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