A complete HR solution. From recruiting the best staff to managing all employee data.

Dynamics 365 combined with the xRM1 platform provides a unified solution for all HR processes. Recruitment, staff administration, training, holidays, and dashboard reporting are all seamlessly coordinated and easy to manage.

Dynamic recruiting

Dynamics 365 enables you to easily create job vacancies and publish job adverts, then manage and evaluate candidates. Quickly create job templates for other team members to review and publish them to your own portal and third party platforms such as LinkedIn and XING. Applications can then be seamlessly coordinated and reviewed by the team, right through to the hiring or rejection of candidates.

Staff administration

All your time consuming and routine personnel tasks can be easily handled within Dynamics 365. Staff members can each have secure digital personnel files containing all relevant personal information, from contact details, to holidays and absences, to salaries and bonuses. Data can also be integrated from other departments such as customer satisfaction stats or hours logged on projects.

Staff administration

Personal development

As staff members grow within your organisation, you can use Dynamics 365 to easily manage their performance reviews, targets, manager feedback, training and medical information. You can see across the business who has which individual skills, where development is required or completed, and then coordinate training and meetings using the Outlook-integrated calendar.

Employee self-service

Dynamics 365 gives you the option to authorise staff to manage specific elements of their personnel profile. Time tracking, objectives, absences and holidays can all be managed by the employees themselves with HR overseeing as required. Staff members are more empowered and the time-consuming tasks of managing staff profiles are dispersed across the team.

Real-time reporting

Intelligent staffing requires a unified view of employee skills, availability and resource gaps or overlaps. Dynamics 365 can chart all aspects of your HR and staff data, from the best performing recruitment channels, through to staff holidays and absences, to available skills and staffing requirements. All displayed in dashboard views that can support HR decisions and management strategies.


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