A smarter and more efficient way for your mobile staff and on-site technicians to work.

Dynamics 365 helps you ensure every mobile staff member is sent to the right locations, with the right resources and with the right supporting customer information.

Intelligent scheduling

Dynamics 365 can help you plan and optimise your mobile teams’ daily schedules so the right people and inventory are sent to complete the tasks best suited to their skills and their locations.  Your staff and their equipment can be dispatched more efficiently, balancing workloads across teams and even taking into account customer preferences, inventory levels and service level agreements – all coordinated either manually or automatically.

Mobile productivity

Ensure your mobile staff have the information they need, whether they are online or offline.  No matter what device your mobile staff use, they will have access to the customer information and central support they need. Mobile staff can be given access to customer and case history so they can complete tasks more efficiently, and care for customers more personally. Their work requests can be displayed in real-time on multi-day calendars, linked to critical information such as parts, installation advice and pricing.

Mobile productivity

Inventory management

All your inventory, parts, or resources can be managed centrally in their warehouses through to their location while out on the road.  Ensure your inventory is always accurate with real-time updates of items received, returned, and deployed. Forecast your stock requirements more accurately so your mobile staff will have the parts they need for a more efficient service and happier customers.

Customer communications

Dynamics 365 can be used to communicate with customers and keep them informed at every step. By allowing customers to access your customer portal they will be able to view upcoming appointments, and review completed and open cases.  Customers can also be given real-time access to your mobile teams’ locations and arrival times with automated messages sent for each key step in the process. Customer feedback can then be collected and dealt with promptly.

Proactive customer support

Turn your customers’ assets into Internet of Things connected devices and proactively monitor them for issues.  Increase your ability to solve issues remotely and avoid deploying staff, or attend on-site issues before they are known to the customer. By being connected to your customers’ assets you can reduce the number of repair appointments, and utilise device data to identify underperforming products.

Contract management

Dynamics 365 equips your mobile teams with the software to track their work against service contracts. Their on-site work can then be billed more accurately and more rapidly while helping them to identify and report on new sales opportunities.  On-site quotes can be generated more easily by integrating vital data such as pricing and work schedules.

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