Exposure Screens

Evorio’s Exposure Screens bring your sales data to life.  Gain visibility to what’s selling and what’s not, where your new business is coming from, what your customers are buying and how your sales teams are performing.  All displayed on an LCD screen wherever you need it: in your reception area, in the sales office or in the director’s office.  Consistent and real-time visibility of how the sales people and the business are performing that month, that week or that day.

A Clear Vision of Sales Progress

Even with a powerful tool such as Microsoft CRM, the real value of any data is when it is extracted and interpreted.  Let your Exposure Screen do that for you.  You won’t have to spend time creating reports or researching sales figures – they will already be on display for all to see.  No confusion, no inconsistency of data and everyone working to the same figures.

A Clear Vision of Sales Progress

Real-Time, Tailored Information

Every business is different with different sales methods and measures.  Therefore, Evorio creates a tailored ‘dashboard’ of information that is displayed on your Exposure Screen.  You can choose what data is important to your business – whether it is product sales, revenue figures, a sales leader board, upcoming opportunities or a combination of them all – the information will be on display with up-to-the-minute accuracy.

Motivate Staff and Win More Business

The sentiment is true: what gets measured gets done.  Now multiply that sentiment when those measures and results are on display for all to see.  High-performing sales people can gain the recognition they deserve, whilst others are motivated to achieve more.

Configured, Integrated, and Installed by Evorio

Evorio will seamlessly customise your Microsoft CRM system to present the sales information you want to see.  The data will then be presented on a screen that is supplied and fitted by Evorio, or simply on a screen you already have.

Evorio’s Exposure Screens are an invaluable solution if you are experiencing any of the following

  • Management teams cannot gain real-time updates on sales figures.
  • The top performing and under-performing sales people cannot be easily identified.
  • Sales information cannot be easily presented by team, individual, product or geography.
  • There is inconsistency or confusion around the accuracy of sales figures.
  • The level of competition or motivation within sales people has declined.
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