CRM brings together the working processes of sales, marketing and customer services. Maximise your profitability, understand where your new business is coming from, target your key client groups and provide consistent customer service.

Setting the standard in CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 seamlessly integrates into your existing Microsoft Outlook and offers a streamlined approach to accessing vital management information.

Profitable sales management

Dynamics 365 takes your sales function to another level. Understand what’s selling and what’s not, where your new business is coming from, what your customers are buying and how your sales teams are performing. Use this information to focus on the tasks that you know will provide value to the business and in turn will accelerate your business growth.

  • Set & measure sales targets
  • Assign territories, accounts and product groups
  • Track sales follow-ups and proposal follow-ups
  • Easily transition from one account manager to another
  • Understand which products and services are selling and which are not
  • Access your customers information wherever you are

Reliable Marketing ROI

Dynamics 365 is an advanced marketing planning, tracking and reporting tool. Give your marketing team the ability to forward-plan campaigns, target the right customers and report on marketing spend.

  • Plan campaigns and set targets
  • Segment your customer base
  • Make your marketing more agile
  • Understand which campaigns deliver most revenue
  • Find out who your best and worst customers are

Consistent Service Quality

Track your customer service interactions from initial contact through to resolution. Collate queries, assign work to queues, and communicate consistently with your customers. Ultimately, develop a customer services process that becomes a strategic function in the business.

  • Ensure service levels are being met
  • Record all customer interactions in one place
  • Speed up resolutions
  • Identify trends in customer contact
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