How do you know if your company is having a good day or not?

Research shows that successful owner managers know their numbers at an intricate level. They know at 11am in the morning whether their sales and gross profit are on track for a good day or not. If the sales or GP are too low they still have time to do something about it during the rest of the day.

It is simply no longer acceptable to wait 7 days after the month end to find out from a P&L whether it was a good month or not, by then it’s too late.

Modern business system software such as CRM makes it easy to display on a screen in the office real time dashboards of sales activity. This information at a glance shows the orders taken, the invoices raised, by salesperson, by GP, month to date and year to date against target. It can also show order book and backlog so bottlenecks in the sales process can be quickly identified.

If you boarded a plane and noticed the pilot was blind folded you would probably be alarmed. Successful owner managers and sales managers have a clear line of sight on their numbers, they can see real time  if things are going to plan and take corrective action immediately when they are not.

Top tips to know if your company is having a good day

  • Use a white board or preferably a TV screen in the office to display a clear picture of your sales and business progress.
  • Using your CRM and business system, display on the screen, real time information tailored to your sales process.
  • What gets measured gets done.  Using exposure screens each sales person can see exactly where they are against their individual target.
  • Keep the dash boards simple.  At a glance, everyone in the business should be able to see if you are having a good day or not.
  • Make sure the key performance indicators are relevant, specific and measurable.  Perhaps start with orders received, invoices raised and Gross Profit – daily, weekly and month to date.
  • Reward positive behaviour.  If you are having a good day say thank you by letting everyone in your team know.
  • Make your dashboards available anywhere you wish to view them.  On your mobile, your iPad, your desktop – so that you and your senior management can view them on the move at all times.

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