Desktop access anywhere, anytime

Evorio’s Hosted Desktop service is a cost saving alternative to running your applications and systems in-house. Our service allows you to gain remote access to applications and data that are saved on off site secure servers – all via your web browser. Critical applications such as Microsoft Office, as well as a variety of commonly used software packages are available on-demand.

Your desktop access

Our service enables you and your employees to access their applications and data from any place, anywhere and from any PC.  As long as there is an internet connection you can work as if you were in the office.

Pay for what you use

With Evorio’s Hosted Desktop, you only pay for what you use.  There’s no need to pay large upfront costs for expensive servers and maintenance – gain access to all applications and data for a simple fixed monthly cost.

Secure and protected

Your data and applications are saved securely in a central location.  This means you are protected from spam, viruses and unauthorised intrusions by the latest firewall and antivirus software.  Having your data saved in an off site location also means you are protected in the event of a natural disaster or in-house IT failure.

Reduce costs

Avoid many of the costs associated with traditional office working.  Enable staff to work remotely when required, avoid upfront investment in software applications and reduce the cost of IT support.

Greater Flexibility

Our service can scale in line with your business with new users being added quickly and easily.  In addition, applications can be added to the service whenever required and you only ever pay for what you need.

Low maintenance

Your data and applications are securely saved on off site servers.  This means you don’t have the maintenance or IT support complexities associated with in-house server management and software purchasing.

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