All our data centres have the following features

  • Secure Reception: Entry to the data centre is gained via zone-specific personal security passes which are used for both entry and exit providing for anti-tailgating and anti-passback levels of security.
  • CCTV Cameras: Colour CCTV cameras are sited throughout the exterior and interior of the building.
  • Proprietary Cabling Structure: Diverse fibre routing available from several carriers. Fully established truncated internal cable network. Incorporating enclosed and protected Telco room with redundant bandwidth delivery.
  • Air Conditioning: The air conditioning system is configured with 100% built-in redundancy. Effectively, only half of the air conditioning units are required to support the data centre at maximum occupancy.
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply: Should mains supply fail at any time, a series of battery powered UPS’s already in circuit powers all the hosted equipment. On-site generators provide mains power back up with sufficient fuel capacity to maintain full power for up to 4 days with contracts in place to supply diesel same day
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