Recent software updates released by Apple on iPhone and iPad can potentially cause performance issues, as Chris from Evorio has discovered.

“Apple released software update version 6.1 for the iPhone and iPad recently and this is causing issues that the user may not be aware of. Particularly if you use either of these devises for work purposes, this may be causing a problem. You iPhone or iPad connects to your email server in the background and if running one of these versions, can cause the server to run out of disc space if no action is taken by your IT team, you may also notice a drain on your battery life. Apple realised this so released minor software updates (versions 6.1.2 and 6.1.3) to try and fix these issues, however from our own investigations this is still causing problems. At Evorio we monitor disc space for our clients so will be able to rectify this if it happens. If you haven’t already updated your iPhone or iPad with these versions I suggest you don’t and wait until the issue has been fixed.”

We will monitor and retest the issue when Apple release version 6.1.4 which is due to be within the next month and update you.