5 Cyber Security Tips

You may have noticed that we’re rather passionate about Cyber Security and you should be too.

Here are 5 of our top tips to help you keep your business secure – our cyber security experts are ready and waiting to help you put them into action.

User Awareness Training


  • Investing in your employees by providing cyber security training will help reduce cyber-attacks, by enforcing best practices.
  • Establish cyber security inductions for new starters and run quarterly refresher courses.
  • These do not have to take long and help to keep cyber security front of mind for your team—as well as demonstrating that you have a firm grasp on your

Two-Factor Authentication


  • Often, people will use the same password across personal and work accounts, which makes it easier for cyber criminals to obtain access to your data.
  • Implement Two-Factor authentication to eliminate this single point of failure.
  • As the name suggests, Two-factor authentication prompts users to enter their password as well as one additional authentication method such as a Personal Identification Code, another password or even a fingerprint.

Implement layers of network security


  • Keep your software up-to-date and ensure that you turn on automatic system updates for your device.
  • Ensure anti-virus software is deployed to all computers and ensure
    definitions are regularly kept up-to-date.
  • Deploy firewalls to protect your network and data from unwanted access.
  • A firewall is important when defending your data against malicious attacks, and helps screen out hackers, viruses, and other malicious activity that occurs over the Internet.

Check Your Backups


  • If you are hit with a cyber-attack, can you rely upon your backups to restore lost or compromised data?
  • A reliable backup is critical to help you recover from a cyber security breach.
  • Best practices dictate that you should follow a 3-2-1 backup rule. This means keeping 3 copies of your data on 2 different types of media (or provider) and 1 copy in an off-site location.

Enforce Mobile Security


  • Now more than ever, data is being stored on non-business mobile devices.
  • According to Sophos Labs, mobile devices are being targeted by more than 1.5 million new incidents of malware.
  • Encourage employees to set a PIN or passcode, use mobile device management tools to help locate and manage lost or stolen devices, and keep any devices used for work purposes clean.

Don’t let IT happen to you


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